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It is our belief that children and youth must have equal access to a quality education. They should be provided with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, talents and skills… Read more >>>

04_button ONE WORLD FOUNDATION’S BOOK 2016 – Mid Term Report
Only during the first half of 2016 we fulfilled our promises from last year to double our impart and our outreach. We are making great progress, having supported 1 658 children and young people through our 25 projects globally. We are now active in 13 countries and we even manged to add one more continent, where we provide funds and help Apart from Europe and Asia. Now we support charity initiatives in South America as well… Read more >>>

A year passed since One World Foundation (OWF) was established. Now we look back with hope because 776 children received a chance for safer, healthier and more productive life. Within this year compassion and solidarity found their way back to peoples’s heart: almost 37 552 EUR were allocated to poor children, to children with disabilities, to orphans, but also to those talented ones who needed someone to believe in them… Read more >>>

10_heart FINANCIAL REPORT: 2015

80 082,51 EUR Received Donations

52 312, 60 EUR Allocated Funding

1 479, 06 EUR Taxes

Financial Report 2015  Read more >>>


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