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07_kiss   Terms and Conditions:


06_button   Website Services

CyberArt.Co is free to join. You can join by registering and opening a User Account. CyberArt.Co maintains limited access to our Website, Products and services to guests and visitors who are not registered (do not have a User Account). It is recommended that guests and visitors register a User Account for access to the Website’s full benefits (buying, discounts, and updates). There is no initial purchase or sale obligation for any user to register a User Account.

10_heart   How to Manage Your Account

– Account Overview: To buy and sell gift cards on CyberArt.Co, you must first create an account. You can edit your public profile, including your display name…, within the Settings section. Please keep your personal information up-to-date with an accurate phone number, billing and shipping address, and information to facilitate all eGift card transactions.

– All first-time buyers will become verified members during the buying process. Log in to your Buyer Profile to review your eGift card online shopping. Depending on the eGift card you purchased, you may be able to print your eGift card as a voucher for in-store use.

04_button   How to Buy Gift Cards

– Browse eGift card Inventory: Shop the CyberArt.Co eGift card marketplace to buy discount eGift cards online. The more you buy, the more you save! As you search by brand name, product category, discount , notice the number of available eGift cards. Click on the eGift card image to view the types of cards listed for sale and learn more about each brand’s product offerings.

– eGift cards will be available electronically in your email for online redemption.

– Take note: many eGift cards can also be printed and used as an in-store voucher. Select a eGift card and click to add it to your shopping cart. Continue shopping to buy more eGift cards from various brands.

– Check Out: When you’re done shopping, click “Checkout.” Enter your payment information, including billing address and shipping address, and agree to the CyberArt.Co terms and conditions. If you have a promo code, you may enter it in the final stage of checkout. You will receive email notification when your eGift card purchase has been confirmed and delivered.

05_button   Shipping & Delivery Methods

– Shipping Policy: Whether you’re buying or selling a eGift card, we want to ensure your eGift card safely and punctually reaches its destination.

– We offer free shipping on all eGift card orders. If you are purchasing multiple eCards within one order, your eGift cards may arrive at separate times depending on card type. If you do not receive your eGift card/s accordingly, please contact us via email .

– Electronic Gift Cards: Your eGift cards will be delivered electronically to your email. Most orders are processed immediately, but it may take up to 24 hours if further verification is needed.

– Buyers are responsible for entering their correct billing and shipping address and will be held liable for any misrepresentation of shipment information and related fees.

02_writer   If you have a question about the CyberArt.Co Guarantee or would like a refund for your order under the CyberArt.Co Guarantee, please contact CyberArt.Co with your order number.



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